Eyelashes & Eyebrows

Eyelash Extensions

For those of you who do not know what eyelash extensions are they are individual eyelashes which are attached to each eyelash on your eye.

They are applied one by one to your eyelashes. They come in a range; you can have between 70-100, 50-70 or 20-50.  They will immediately make them look alot thicker if you wish for a more dramatic glamorous look, or if you opt for a more natural look they will still look stunning but not as noticeable.

You could also have flicks which are lashes which are just added to the ends of your eyelashes because if yours are anything like my lashes they seem to be longer in the middle than on the ends!

Whichever look you go for you are sure to make a statement without looking obvious

Maintenance is required for your lashes to look great – approximately every 2 weeks, of course this depends on how well you follow the aftercare instructions and take care of them between treatments.

eyes2Eyelash Extensions Prices

  • Between 70-100 Lashes £45.00
  • Between 50-70 Lashes £35.00
  • Between 20-50 Lashes £25.00
  • Flicks 10-20 Lashes £20.00
  • Maintenance from £10.00


Eyebrow tinting helps make your eyebrows stand out when you either have light coloured hair and want them to stand out more, or your hair is dark & your eyebrows are a light colour and you wish for them to match.

butterfliessmaller300EYELASH TINTING

Eyelash tinting is for those who wish to make there lashes look darker if you do not have time in the mornings to apply mascara etc. or just like the effect it gives, (same applies to eyelashes with relevance to hair colours etc.)

The range of colours are Light Brown, Dark Brown, Blue-Black & Black. (Patch test is required for this treatment so please inform me if you have never had one done before before you book).

  • Eyebrow Tinting £7.00
  • Eyelash Tinting £7.00
  • Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint £13.00
  • First initial eyebrow Shape £10.00
  • Eyebrows thereafter £7.00
  • Teenagers Eyebrow Shape £5.00
  • Teenagers eyebrow Parties from £5.00 each


First time Eyebrow shaping, basically I look at your eyebrows and advise on the best shape for your face, but a full consultation will be given.

For the first time Eyebrow Shape it will cost £10.00; this is because I will have to remove the full bulk of the hair and create a shape, If you have the treatment every 3-4 weeks therafter the cost would be £7.00.