Airbrush tanning is one of the new sensations that is hitting the nation; it takes away the stress of having streak marks which are created by over rubbing of the product and staining of the hands, and because it is a fine mist that comes out, the colour goes on effortlessly.  I do a fair tan and a dark tan; all products contain DHA which is what is used to create the colour in the product and when it goes onto your skin it reacts with the amino acids on your skin which changes the colour of your skin!


Please ensure before you book for a tan that you exfoliate 24 hours before the tan. This is to remove any dead skin so the tan doesn’t start to fade or rub off quickly. Please also do not use any creams or deodorants the morning of your tan as this will leave marks on your skin and the tan will look uneven if you used moisturiser as the tan is water based. Please wear loose clothing when you have the treatment so that the tan doesn’t rub on your clothes, don’t wear boots or socks as these may leave marks straight after the tan is applied and may ruin your freshly applied tan.

You may shower after 8 hours of the product being applied, and moisturise daily to maintain your tan!

Tanning prices:

  • Spray Tan  £16.00
  • Half Tan (upper or lower body) £12.00
  • Face & Neck £7.00
  • Top up Tan £15.00
  • Men’s Tan £16.00
  • Teenagers Tan from £12.50